Thank you so much for your kind donation from all at team Lakers

Special Olympics Athletics 2017 Regionals

At the moment we are raising much needed funds to support our club and our online classes and activiteis. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, many families, members, and

carers are struggling as they do not have the usual supports they need. Our members are also missing their routine of coming to classes and meeting their friends. Lakers is striving to support almost 400 members through online supported activities.  Our aim is to help to create a routine for our members at home and to provide resources to families and carers who need help.

You can follow our online activities on our website on our Facebook and Youtube Channels.

Your support means a lot to our staff, and especially our members who need extra support in these trying times.

Stay safe & be well

Kind Regards

Kathy Baker

Fundraising Coordinator

Lakers Social & Recreational Club