Online Sponsorship for your walk!

Create a page on GivenGain and share on your social media and get friends and family to support you and Lakers.

  1. Click here to go to our GivenGain event page
  2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ and create your own fundraising page.
  3. Share the link on your Facebook page, or other social media platforms, and watch your friends and family support your walk!

Sponsorship Card

In person sponsorship – good oul trusty sponsorship card will do the trick!

  • Click here and print out your sponsorship card (make sure to print on both sides) and head out and ask friends and family to sponsor you!
  • You can also pick up a sponsorship card in Lakers Centre if you need.


*P.S there is nothing saying you can’t use both sponsorship forms – online and in person – so go for it!