Depending on Covid -19 Restrictions Lakers hosts a variety of online, outdoor and in centre activities.

If you wish to renew your Membership, or become a Lakers Member please email us on  or call us on 01 2022694.

You can download our Lakers Membership Form 2021- 22 HERE

If you are wondering how to book a class. Please visit our book a class page, to find out how to join our weekly activities, zoom classes and more. Click here to view our past free classes


Who can be a Lakers Member? 

Lakers is a Sport and Recreational Club for people with intellectual disabilities. You can become a member from age 5 years and up. We run a vast array of sports and activities for our members from September to June annually. You can be thumping to a beat at our drumming class one day and then swishing down a ski slope the next. Arts, Drama, Cookery, Music Therapy and Pottery classes are also available for anyone wishing to get in touch with their inner self.

What does becoming a member mean?

Lakers provides an invaluable community and support network, both for members and for their friends and family. Participation in the various activities as part of a team or group also develops social skills in a supportive environment, bringing out individual personalities and helping to build a rapport with peers.

For children and adults with an intellectual disability finding an activity that they love and are good at, and being a part of a larger community brings confidence, comfort and affirmation, in a society that can often focus on inability and difference.

We are affiliated to Special Olympics Ireland and compete at Area, Regional and National Special Olympic Games. We have also had members successfully represent Ireland at European and World Special Olympic Games. To compete in a Special Olympics sport a member must be registered with Special Olympics, please contact us for the form.

At Lakers we organise family trips both in Ireland and abroad. These have proven to be very popular with our members with numbers participating increasing each year.