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Mandy Finlay is one of our members she is 47, she has Downs Syndrome, and she is a legend. Mandy has walked over 1 million steps, to raise funds for Lakers. We are so proud of her. She has been on RTE, Newstalk, East Coast FM, and numerous newspapers for her amazing acheivement. Mandy is John Cena’s biggest fan – His motto is “Never Give Up” and this is so true of her, Mandy is still walking!

Mandy didnt start out fit, she started walking, a little at a time at first, and then more and more, measuring her progress on fitbit. And she decided to lose weight. In 30 weeks she lost 47 pounds, by walking thousands of steps a day and keeping a good diet. It’s an incredible achievement.  But she is sure others can do it too!.

Join Mandys Million Step Team Today, feel good, get fit, and help our club to support members like Mandy, with online activities, until our doors reopen. 

Some are doing their million steps as a family target, some are doing it as a team, and others are taking up the challenge solo, its up to you. 

To join Mandys Million Step team all you have to do is  set up your team or solo page below and you will automatically receive

  • A Lakers Challenges Team T-shirt  Lakers Challenges Photo
  • Weekly tips and updates along with a Motivational Video Message from Mandy
  • Access to our Mandys Million Step Team  Facebook group  – Where you can share stories, watch fitness tips and videos, and support for your challenge.
  • At the end of your million steps, we will send you a medal, and a certificate of acheivement along with a message of Congratulations from Mandy

*It took Mandy just over 3 months to achieve her million steps, every person is different, so we encourage you to set your own timeframe, and remember, have fun!

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8 Feb 2021
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