Lakers Challenges  – Going the Extra Mile.   Being a part of our challengers team means not only will you lose some lockdown pounds, but you will be encouraged and supported every step of the way, because you are supporting a brilliant cause –  you will be helping us bring back our sports, arts, and educational activities for people with special needs after lock down.

Choose from one of our fantastic challenges and receive:

  • An awesome challenger t-shirt
  • We will help you track your progress & share it on social media
  • When you complete your challenge you will receive a beautiful Gold Medal & Certicicate of Achievement so you can take a photo and be proud of your achievement.

Its simple to get started

Simply register your interest here or email telling us which challenge you want to d

  • Challenge yourself to 5k in aid of Lakers
  • Step up for Lakers by taking our 10,000 steps a day challenge.
  • Or create your own unique challenge

Your next step is to click this easy link to start raising funds as part of our challenges team !

Why do we need help?  Lakers had a dramatic drop in income due to cancelled fundraising events and classes.  We were really struggling. You can help us to bounce back from Covid Lockdown and continue to support our members with special needs. We are suppling activities online, and will be supporting members again in our centre when we reopen but we need your help.

TEAM V’s TEAM Challenge – Get Your Staff Involved : 

Some of our coprorate partners asked us to set up Team on Team challenges, and they have had great fun competing for prizes. You can set up your teams to compete for :

  • Steps acheived
  • Kilometers covered
  • Most funds raised

Kathy will help you set up an easy to update Team V’s Team fundraising page where your team can check their own, and the other teams progress. Post updates and share online. Lakers will even help you with prizes for the winning team, or you can offer them time off.  Lakers Team on Team Challenges are brilliant for team building, and are a great way of connecting people who are working remotely.  Contact to set your teams up


1 Feb 2021
Anywhere, Any Time
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1 Apr 2021 12:00 am