What is Coronavirus Covid-19?:

CoronavirusCoronavirus – Covid -19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways.  It is caused by a virus called Coronavirus. The first symptoms can feel like a cold or flu, such as runny nose, tiredness, and this will often progress to a dry cough and other symptoms

It can take up to 14 days for someone to start to feel sick if they have coronavirus.  So it is important for everyone to keep their distance and stay at home.

To find out more about Coronavirus Covid-19 Please visit the HSE website – Coronavirus Info 

You can help to stop  the spread of the Covid 19 Virus by:

  • If you feel sick please stay at Home
  • Washing your hands
  • Avoiding touching your face when you are out
  • Sneezing into your elbow or using a tissue and putting it in the bin

Watch a Video About Protecting yourself from Covid 19 here


The HSE and Government have decided to lift most of the restrictions for Covid 19 as of January 24th.

Government guidelines and latest measures


What is social Distancing? 

Social Distancing Image

Social Distancing Image

Social Distancing is a rule you have to follow to protect yourself and others from spreading the virus.   You must keep at least 2 meters away from everyone when you are shopping or going for a walk or run (thats at least 3 lengths of your arm).  If you see someone coming towards you, you should move aside, cross the road (if its safe to) and make sure you keep your distance.



Street Signs Help

Street Signs Help

Looking After Your Mental Health during Covid 19.

The HSE have recently created a web page to help you look after your mental health during Covid-19.  This includes resources, info, links to services and phone numbers for the the following:

  • Coping with difficult situations
  • Info and advice for family and friends
  • Looking after your mental health
  • Getting Urgent Help/Talk to Someone Now

You can also gain access to a number of other services for mental health related issues if you scroll down the HSE page

All of this information can be found on the HSE Website Link for Mental Health


Other Resources & Supports

Health Passports: If you need to go to hospital or if you think you might have coronavirus the HSE have created a “Health Passport” this is a document you bring with you that shows the healthcare staff what your needs are as a person with an intellectual disability. It will make sure you get the best care possible. You should fill this out with the help of a carer or guardian

Health Passport

Inclusion Ireland’s Cornavirus Info Page

AsIAm – Autism Support – Blog & News Updates on Coronavirus 

Autism Ireland – Covid 19 Info Page

Supporting children with autism during coronavirus

Resources for Keeping Busy:

Lakers Online Classes

Down Syndrom Ireland – Adult Activity Resources

Ideas for Kids Activities with Konfident Kids Cork

Lakers Support Team Contact Details: 

Anne King: 086 1747967

Sandra Fagan: 086 1729476

Helen Furlong: 086 3568462

Email: info@lakers.ie